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  • Mississippi Madness G/30 Championship
    Posted under Chess by Douglas L Stewart (70.115.70.---) on Monday February 19 2007 @ 08:19PM PST
    I managed to go 8-0 in a relatively fast chess tournament (30 minutes per person) this weekend. It's a pretty crazy event because the games run consecutive. I managed to get my chess rating back above 1950 again. If only I could make it to 2000...

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    Quest for Productivity
    Posted under General by Douglas L Stewart (70.115.70.---) on Saturday June 10 2006 @ 01:09PM PDT
    Busy, busy, busy. The story of modern life. Well I'll have 4 days off work over the next week or so. Let's see how much I can get done.

    This morning I've been working on Kevin Stidham's laptop and trying to catch up on email. Kevin goes to our chess club and got a $100 laptop from a garage sale he's trying to get working. It's actually a great laptop for the price he paid! It wasn't recognizing that it was a genuine copy of Windows XP. I managed to find an alternate validation tool from Microsoft and got past that.

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    You Cannot Be Serious
    Posted under Book Reviews by Douglas L Stewart (70.115.70.---) on Monday February 13 2006 @ 01:15AM PST
    Authors: John McEnroe with James Kaplan
    ISBN: 0-425-19008-0

    This was the first book I'd read in quite a while! It seems like I do a lot more DVD watching these days. I think this book was a gift from Heath for Christmas back in 2004.

    While I watched some tennis back in the 80's, I never really paid much attention to John McEnroe. I was usually watching women's tennis, where the ball travels slower and you can understand what's happening. Ever since the graphite racket it seems like men's tennis moves way to fast for the eye to follow.

    Anyway, I'd heard of John McEnroe's temper tantrums, but that's about the extent of my knowledge about him going in.

    The first part of the book talks about recent experiences with September 11, which immediately dates the book but was probably a feature of every book released in 2002.

    After the first chapter ends it's your typical memoir starting at the beginning and moving back towards the present.

    I really enjoyed the book, and came out a big fan of John McEnroe. Learning about his complicated relationships with his family, friends, ex-wife, and even his doubles partner was quite an eye opener. I'd definitely recommend picking up the book and reading it.

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